Approximately 4000 traffic tickets are issued in Avoyelles Parish each year. Most of them are written by State Police. Those tickets must come through the District Attorneys office for processing.

If an individual pays the ticket, then the only step for the individual is to pay the fine and cost to the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff's Office. The number is 318-253-4000. The average cost of a traffic ticket for speeding in Avoyelles is $112.00 in cost and between $15.00 and $25.00 in fines.

The process by which the money is disbursed is a many step process that is performed by the District Attorney's Office, then sent to the Avoyelles Clerk of Court, then finally the Sheriff's Office again for the disbursement of the funds collected.

Moving violations can cause an increase in insurance rates for violators. The Avoyelles Parish District Attorney's office offers pre-trial diversion for those eligible. The basic qualification is for speeding not more than 15 miles per hour over the limit allows participation. The basic PTI (pre-trial intervention) has a cost of $75.00.

If qualified, the driver will be put on an informal probation for one year, complete the reading of the safety information provided, pay the $75.00 and the ticket will not appear as a moving violation on their record. There are variations, such as higher fees, or a lesser amount for those who are impoverished.

To participate in our traffic pre-trial diversion anyone may call or write our office and request that their ticket be diverted. We review each ticket to be sure that there are no factors involved, such as a poor attitude toward the officer or if there is an accident involved.

When calling about diversion, you may ask for Alana or Jeannette.

Alana Bazile
Jeanette Bazile